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Mud-Shark Radiator Relocation Kit Installation Instructions
For Honda 420, 500, 520- Rancher, Foreman, Rubicon

1.    Drain the stock radiator and dispose of used fluid according to your local regulations. Use care in disposal, antifreeze is toxic.

2.    Remove the stock radiator and unplug the fan from the ATV.

3.    Remove stock radiator hoses from the engine (retain hose clamps).

4.    If you are installing this kit on a Honda with EPS, you will need to secure the control module to the frame using zip ties. The factory overflow bottle will be reused and need to be zip tied to the frame in factory radiator location position so that the fill neck is accessible from access panel in front or delete it altogether.

5.    Pre-assemble the new radiator relocation kit. Assemble the frame using the ¼” stainless head bolt, ¼” lock nuts, and ¼” flat washers. Be sure to install the mesh between the 2 pieces of frame (NOTE: mesh may need to be trimmed to fit bolt holes). Some customers like mesh holes vertical and some like it horizontal. Trim as necessary.

6.    Where the bottom of the stock radiator attaches to the frame, there are two rubber grommets that you will need to place in the two center holes at the base of the new face plate. Once they are installed, insert the bottom of the radiator into the grommets.

7.    You will need to trim the stock fan shroud ¾” so that it will fit in your new shroud where the previous overflow was attached on newer body style.

8.    Once the grommets are installed and the fan has been trimmed, insert the bottom of the radiator into the grommets.

9.    Next, using the aluminum tube, use a lubricant to push the tube through the rubber in the fan shroud. Then lay the assembly with fan and radiator into kit. Through one of the sides, push the ¼”x20 All-Thread through the hole in the tube and out the other side securing it with the provided hardware.

10.    Once the kit is assembled, place the kit on the front rack and loosely connect the U-Bolts to the frame.

11.    Mark all holes to be drilled for the radiator hose then remove the radiator from the rack.

12.    Drill the hole in the plastic, it needs to be 1” in diameter.

13.    Connect lower radiator hose to the engine route up through hole in plastic and cut to length. Secure the hose to the lower portion of the radiator with clamp previously taken off. 

14.    You need to insert the hose through the hole you drilled in the plastics as you are installing the radiator kit to the rack.

15.    Connect the new upper hose to engine route up through hole in plastic and connect to upper radiator using hose clamp previously taken off.

16.    Connect the radiator to the rack using the 1/4” U-bolts, ¼” washers, and ¼” nuts provided in kit.

17.    Locate the access panel and cut a 1” hole in center.

18.    Push fan wire through the access panel and attached the access panel to the ATV.

19.    Use zip ties to secure all lines, hoses, and wires so that they do not allow rubbing.

20.    Fill the radiator with factory approved fluids and make sure that it is properly filled. Fill the overflow bottle to the middle mark that is indicated on the bottle.

NOTE: Radiator hose comes in 6’ length. Double in half and give 3’ of hose for each barbed inlet/outlet on the radiator.


Attached is the printable instructions as well...

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