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The Full Mud-Shark Off Road Story

A Family Owned Business

Mud-Shark Off Road started in the Summer of 2019 and is a family-owned small business. Kyle and his wife Emilie started the company as a side project to run along side their full-time jobs. Mud-Shark started off with just a few high quality products and has since grown to a full-time business.


The duo started off with the signature steel axle paddles that are perfectly balanced and the easy bolt on installation makes it effortless to install. There are now many options of axle paddles that include both aluminum and XL versions.


Full Radiator relocation kits were next. Wanting to offer a variety of designs and give customers the option to customize colors schemes and radiator height along with the functionality and purpose of keeping the radiator cooler and up out of the water, mud, clay, etc. 

Kyle, Emilie and their children love the woods and getting dirty. Chances are if they aren't working on an ATV, UTV or other mud toy, that's where you will find them.

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